change pfsense logo

  • Hello,
    I have the last pfsense version.
    I want to change the logo that is appear on the webgui.
    also I tried to change the name etc... but its not appay to login page !

  • Hi,

    Correct - there is no straight forward possibility to do so, probably because way back they discovered that changing the logo didn't change anything related to firewall operations and behavior.

    On the other hand, for the last decade now every web browser has an "inspector" option that shows you the entire path of every image on a web site. And guess what, the pfSense GUI isn't any different. Knowing that, ans some PHP/CSS/html knowledge, and your imagination is the your only limit.

    Normally, you are advised to fork-of the project, and rebuild the thing own your own.
    Of course, totally not supported.

    Btw : the question the been asked a lot, and already answered as many times.

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