Route All Windows 10 Traffic Through OpenVPN Connection

  • With OpenVPN software on macOS, there is an option to route all traffic through the VPN.

    I do not see this with the Windows version. I'm running Windows 10 (v1803) and used the OpenVPN installer in the client section of pfSense's OpenVPN.

    Is there a setting that must be switched on (or configured in some way) so that ALL traffic goes through the OpenVPN when connected? I don't want anything going to the internet except what's encrypted via the OpenVPN connection.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On the server you can check the option to Force all client-generated IPv4 traffic through the tunnel on the server, or in the OpenVPN Client Export package, add redirect-gateway def1 to the Additional configuration options before exporting the configuration to the client.

    You could also open up the client .ovpn configuration file and add redirect-gateway def1 on a new line at the end and then reconnect the VPN.

  • Thanks. Will definitely give that a try. When I look up my IP address while connecting through the VPN, it lists my home cable modem's IP address. How can I ensure that ALL (I mean everything) is going through the VPN?

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