Snort Package v3.2.9.7_1 -- Release Notes

  • pfSense-pkg-snort v3.2.9.7_1
    This update to the Snort GUI package ports in three new features added previously to the Suricata package.

    New Features

    • Create hyperlinks for all rule category files on the CATEGORIES tab so that both enabled and not enabled files can be viewed. Enabled rule category contents are shown by switching to the RULES tab. Disabled rule category contents are shown in a modal pop-up window.

    • Provide mechanism to view the list of "user-forced disabled" or "user-forced enabled" or "Active Rules" rules on the RULES tab.

    • Migrate storage of SID management files to the firewall config.xml file using Base64 encoding so they stay with the firewall configuration and can be easily backed up as well.

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