Ping the access points of a captive portal

  • Hello, this is my network (approximately)
    The access points are connected to a captive portal.

    If I do "ping" none responds to me; probably because they are in another network range.
    What should I do to be able to ping them?
    Thank you

    Rules WAN

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    That would be a function of setting up a management VLAN and telling the APs to use that VLAN for their management interface. You would put the SSIDs/Wireless Networks on different VLANs.

    Everything else would be hackish and would leave the management interfaces open to savvy users.

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    That setup also screams asymmetrical. Your downstream pfsense router (where your captive portal is running. You have host sitting on what amounts to a transit network (192.168.1/24)

    If you can not remove that isp router from the setup, ie turn it into a bridge/modem so pfsense gets public on its wan. Atleast move the switch behind pfsense and connect 192.168.1/24 as a lan side segment with the rest of your networks.

  • Thanks for the two for the answers.
    I'm going to try the VLan option first

  • Also : your are mentioning LAN and WAN on your pfSense, but I see 3 connections == interfaces.
    You are missing a (VLAN capable) switch between the 2 AP's and pfSense ? Image not ok ?

  • My apologies, the image was not correct


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    That image looks the same as the first image - thought you were going to fix the network? You added a switch is what? Vlan capable and you have vlan 192.168.32/23?

    This would be typical setup removing your asymmetrical network with hosts on your 192.168.1 transit


    Do you really have so many AP that you need a /23, and so many wireless clients that a /16 makes sense?

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