OpenVPN Lan communication to VPN Clients

  • Hello

    I have a remote site that is hosting a VPN that clients loginto, But on the server side we have a CERDISP device that we need to allow to communication with a VPN Client/Network.

    Server - - Tun Network - the IP range for example for the client Lan is - we need to allow server side IP/MAC to communicate / access VPN client

  • If you use TLS authentication on the OpenVPN server add CSO (VPN > OpenVPN > Client Specific Overrides) for the respective client and enter the clients LAN into the "Remote Networks" box.

    If you don't use TLS auth there is no way.

    Also ensure that the client firewall allows that access.

  • Does that mean the CERDISP Host needs to be connected to the VPN?

    the device is a dumb pad that we use CERDISP to display data to a HMI this is now a remote laptop off site.

    I added the client override logged into the vpn and tried to display the data onto the host of is added to the remote network.

    Does the pad just send the traffic to the firewall and it sees it's a subnet and forwards the traffic to the VPN Server?

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