Client Specific Overrides - Multiple IPv4 Local Networks

  • So I'm trying to setup Open VPN on my AWS EC2 server acting as a client connecting to my pfSense gateway. My standard OpenVPN server is basically setup to tunnel all traffic in and out for my cell phone, laptop or whatnot, and I don't want my EC2 server to do this, so I have to override default settings with a client specific override for the AWS VPN user and select the box for "Prevent this client from receiving any server-defined client settings". I also want the AWS server to have a static IP on the VPN network, so I set one on Advanced with:

    ifconfig-push <AWS Static IP> <VPN Subnet Gateway IP>

    The problem here in doing that is it only takes the first IPv4 Local Network and doesn't route the additional 2 I have specified to the EC2 client, which are additional VLANs/interfaces on the pfSense gateway. If I leave IPv4 Local Network/s blank the VPN is essentially broken and won't pass traffic. It looks like the server doesn't pass an IP to the client with Local Networks blank.

    Any ideas on how to get the additional networks on there? Could this possibly be a bug?

  • Hah, nevermind, rebooted pfsense, fixed...

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