WiFI & 802.11n

  • Hi!
    Do we now support wifi usb card 802.11n, like linksys WMP300N or.WUSB600N-EU

  • Support for 802.11n devices is not yet in FreeBSD hence not in pfSense.

  • Well the support is there, just no drivers exist ;)


    What is the status of wireless support in FreeBSD 7.0?

    Andrew Thompson: The wireless networking has had a major update for 7.0. The most visible change is in scanning, this has been split out to support background scanning which updates the scan cache during inactivity so the client can roam to the strongest AP. The scanning policies have also been modularized.

    The new code has working 802.11n support although no drivers have been released yet. Changes have also been made to allow future vap support which gives multi-bss/multi-sta on supporting hardware, the vap work is ongoing and may be released this year. Benjamin Close added the new wpi(4) driver for the Intel 3945 wireless card and the new usb drivers zyd(4) and rum(4) were ported over by Weongyo Jeong and Kevin Lo respectively.

    The majority of the net80211 work was done by Sam Leffler with contributions from Kip Macy, Sepherosa Ziehau, Max Laier, Kevin Lo, myself, and others.

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