The ping to the WAN IP, does not respond

  • PfSense + Captive portal
    The ping from any computer on the network (192.168.1.X) to the WAN IP ( does not respond.
    Any help, please?



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    You still have not fixed that borked asymmetrical setup?

    Your rule is only allowing echo reply... Not echo request.. if you want pfsense to answer ping the icmp setting would be request, not reply..


    The client your pinging from is not sending you an echo reply, its sending a echo request for it to answer.. So to get through the firewall you would allow request.

  • Thank you very much johnpoz, there was the error!!!


    Thank you

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    Now you just need to fix that asymmetrical nightmare ;) I posted a picture in your other thread on how it should be setup.

  • " I posted a picture in your other thread on how it should be setup."

    Sorry, I had not seen it !!

    Actually it is a WIFI that was already working with portals captive of Mikrotik; but it was falling continuously and could not stand many customers.
    This is not my specialty; but they are friends and they have asked me for help.
    I replaced the Mikrotik with a team with pfSense and it goes better.
    I need to remotely manage the switches; but I still do not know very well how to do those of the Vlan

    "Do you really have so many AP that you need a /23, and so many wireless clients that a /16 makes sense?"

    It is a camping with a very long farm and that lodges more than a thousand people.
    They are 29 AP's and five switches.
    At the moment I have kept the original IP´s and mask

    Thank you very much again, from Spain, and excuse my English from Google

    I can bring new pictures, if necessary

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    34 devices no where close to the 510 IPs /23 gives you... Lets say these 1000 users all had 3 devices using wifi.. You would still be only at 3000 IPs needed, not the 65,534 IPs in a /16 ;)

    So your saying you fixed your asymmetrical 192.168.1 network? Sure post up a picture in that thread, will take a look.

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