shared key setup between 2 pfsense diff version?

  • Hi guys,
    Just wondering, I have a client with a shared key infrastructure. I need to update one site with pfsense latest 2.4.3.x, but the other end is a old 2.3.2.x but that end is not under control of my client is other company which didn't like the idea to upgrade, yes I understand the risk but sometimes is difficult to work with some brains, my client understand this and he want to make this happen.

    Well my question is, running pfsense Site2Site shared key between latest 2.4.3.x as
    client and 2.3.2.x as server can be done without issue or exist a restriction here?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That works fine. OpenVPN goes out of its way to maintain backward compatibility so there shouldn't be any problems there, especially with shared key.

    The primary way people get into trouble is changing settings on the newer end and activating features that only exist on the newer version of OpenVPN. With shared key there is less of a concern there, most of the fancy new things are for SSL/TLS style setups.

  • Thanks Jimp for the update, I will work on this project, thanks!!!

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