WebGUI remote access taking too long to respond

  • I keep trying to connect remotely to my WebGUI and it keeps giving me a taking too long to respond error. I could access it yesterday but it was taking forever for pages to load. I am not sure of what could be causing it. I can access the ssh perfectly fine but http doesn't want to work.

  • Same here. I cant access the webgui after installing imspector and avahi. whew… Ill reformat it then install the pfsense. its my 89th reformat+install now.

  • Well I was able to access it yesterday. It was just slow. I had a problem with the traffic shaper wizard making all traffic use 1% of bandwidth so I fixed that. Now I think it could be cause I dont have NAT pointing to the ip of the firewall on port 80. Is there anyway to change rules on the firewall without using the webGUI?

  • That i dont know. Its impossible i guess. Havent seen any thread in the forum for that.

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