What is the difference between squidGuard and pfBlockerNG?

  • Hi all, recently I am following a project about setting up a firewall for high school. As my client's requirement, I need to setup a web filtering function that can filter the harmful sites.
    Then I see this website and follow the guide, i spot out that the squidGuard has blocked all HTTP request accidentally (HTTPS request is not affected).
    So I realize a similar package, pfBlockerNG, I tried to google it and seems this is just blocking the spam sites. But does it have custom blacklist and whitelist function?
    Thanks for help.

  • They both block web access based on text blacklists. Squidguard is smaller & simpler, but not as powerful.

  • Thanks for your reply :D
    the last 2 days i am studying how pfblockerng works and it turns out it can block the ad sites and harmful sites perfectly! such a great package and i am glad that i can finish this project finally.