QNAP behind PFSense in virtual station

  • Hi all,

    I need help with the following;

    I have PFSense installed and configured on my TS-253B (dual port Nic), and it is working.
    But I can’t get my Qnap ‘behind’ the firewall.
    Rules are set to ANY*ANY on all interfaces.

    My network:

    Virtual Switch 1 - > (ip External network modus -> directly connected to my cablemodem
    Virtual Switch 2 - > (ip -> connected to a router
    Gateway on Virtual Switch 2 pointing to

    PFSense installed on ip
    All services on my NAS are binded to Virtual Switch 2

    When I connect my laptop to my LAN it works great, PFSense is protecting my laptop.

    When I change on my QNAP the Default System Gateway to Virtual Switch 2, my QNAP can't connect to the internet anymore. Laptop still works fine.
    I also tried putting Virtual Switch 2 in bridge modus but that didn't work also.

    alt text

    What do I miss ?

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Rebel Alliance

    Just doing the same process, had any success?

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