Squid + 5 VPN conection on one WAN

  • Hi
    I have a pfsense vm with spec below:

    Version 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    Wan : [My Wan IP]
    Lan :

    5 VPN conection on WAN (VPN1,VPN2,VPN3,VPN4,VPN5) To pass traffic from client
    I have defined gatwaye group ( VPN1,VPN2,VPN3,VPN4,VPN5 ) by name "VPNLoadBalancing" in same tire1

    Overall I have 7 interfaces on pfsense

    Squid + SquidGuard

    I used several scenarios :

    First scenarios:

    I read About Squid on pfsense forum and squid forum and I know squid pass traffic from default gateway ( In my scenario squid pass my traffic from WAN).

    in custom option Squid I define tcp_outgoing_address and create Floating rule (Pass - WAN - Out - any-any - port 80 ) to gateway "VPNLoadBalancing"

    and I have defined NAT Outbound for VPN Corectly

    but in log pfsense say "CLOSED:SYN_SENT" and any pages Don't work

    also I checked my VPN conection without SQUID and everything is OK and work

    This scenario Doesn't Work......

    Second scenarios:

    I created Virtual interface (fake) and set Ip to and set squid tcp_outgoing_address and I defined NAT outbound for all VPN pass
    In fake interface rule I created rule (pass-any-any-any-VPNLoadBalancing).

    But no results...

    Third scenario:

    I created OpenVPN server on LAN and WAN and I created Openvpn Client

    In this scenarios pfsense Conect to itself with Openvpn with Tunnel

    I Assign OpenVPN client interface and get IP and defined NAT outbound and rule and I set tcp_outgoing_address
    I created rul in OpenVPN (pass-any-any-any)to gateway "VPNLoadBalancing".
    I defined NAT outbound for all VPN pass

    But again Error in log CLOSED:SYN_SENT

    Does anyone have any solution?
    Thanks in advance

  • that was insane. and you did not mention what is your goal.

    if i am going to bleed my mind out, i think what you want to do is do squid proxy for your vpn connection.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ravegen Hello my friend
    My goal :
    set proxy (SquidGuard-Cach server-Control Bandwidth with squid ) on VPN conection with LoadBalancing
    And I have One wan conection and 5 VPN conection on WAN

    This very simle ... I want pass traffic from VPN (LoadBalancing gateway (5vpn conection)) . also I want to have Squid proxy and SquidGuard ... But squid not compatible with loadbalancing very simple..I want tcp_outgoing_address to another interface and create rule for my traffic
    Did you realize what I mean?

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