ARP (?) Requests do not pass WLAN (Bridge) -> LAN

  • Hi !

    I've got a strange problem here.

    LAN is

    OPT3 is WLAN with the ath driver, so ath0 bridged with LAN.

    I've bought a Powerline Adapter which is configured first time by an application which searches for
    the unconfigured adapter in the LAN probably by an arp request.

    When I run this application from a wireless client on the OPT3 Interface, no adapter is found though its connected and hooked up by wire in LAN.

    When I run the app from a computer connected by wire to LAN, everything works great, the device is found within a second and I can configure it.

    After it is configured and I've assigned an IP to it, I can reach it by IP from OPT3 too, but arp (?) requests still fail.

    Anyone has an idea which protocol/port I must let pass in the firewall rules for this to work ?


  • Did you create firewall rules that allow traffic?

  • Yes sure, like this:

    *  *  *  LAN net  *  *

    *  *  *  OPT3 net  *  *

    I already had a problem with DHCP though these rules were set, a tip from a member adding this rule:
    UDP  *  67 - 68  *  67 - 68  *   
    to OPT3 fixed it.

    Maybe I need something similar for ARP (?) Packets ?

    I'm not sure if thats an arp packet, but for my understanding the software simply sends an arp packet to the broadcast address..

    Everything else is working fine..

  • ummm.
    Since you bridge WLAN with LAN you should no longer have a "LAN net" and an "OPT3 net".
    You just have one big subnet.
    –> You dont assign an IP on the WLAN-side.

    I would start troubleshooting by having on both interfaces a rule allowing everything, including the source.

  • That is exactly the way I have it :)

    Its one big subnet, same IP's, I just call them LAN net and OPT3 net as thats the way pfSense references to the interfaces. You can also just say Interface LAN and OPT3 if that makes it clearer.

    I already have a rule on both interfaces which allow anything.

    The funny thing is, I had this rule all the time, but DHCP stopped working after update to 1.2 (or 1.2.1?) on the OPT3 interface (wlan). After I added the UDP rule which explicitly allows DHCP packets to pass, it worked again.
    Maybe I've got to add something similar for ARP ?

  • Are you really sure you allow everything?
    I mean a * in the protocol field and not TCP or TCP/UDP.

    Anyway i would update to 1.2.3

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