I cannot disable youtube safesearch

  • Hi.
    I followed these instructions https://forum.netgate.com/topic/100342/guide-to-filtering-web-content-http-and-https-with-pfsense-2-3 to filter my http and https traffic and after delete the entry in dns resolve host overrides of youtube I keep coming out in the clients that the access to videos of youtube is restricted and what I want is to remove it to search freely for it.
    Set up youtube and google in safe mode:
    Within DNS Resolve

    Update Youtube safe mode
    Click add under Host overrides
    Host = www
    Domain = youtube.com
    IP =
    Description = youtube

    Currently this entry is deleted to see if with it I can see all videos without restrictionsk

    And configure google in safe mode
    Ssh into the router
    type 8
    cd /
    cd var / unbound
    vi forcegoogle.conf
    leave blank for now
    save (wq)

    Go to Diagnostics / Edit File
    click browse
    click var
    click unbound
    now you should see a file called forcegoogle.conf, click it

    enter the following
    all the google addresses of the world

    Go to Services / DNS / Resolver / General Settings
    in custom option enter

    include: /var/unbound/forcegoogle.conf
    now google should be using safe mode.