OpenVPN 2 Clients in different countries and Netflix on the WAN

  • Hi,

    I have installed and setup OpenVPN to connect through Private Internet Access in two countries (FR / US). One gateway is used by a computer ( IPv4, protocol any, source, dest !local_subnets, gateway VPN_US ), the other one by a second computer (, two rules ipv4 - protocol tcp/udp - source - dest replayfr - gateway VPN_FR, and ipv4 - protocol any - dest - gateway WAN). Both replay services works. But strange things happen:

    • If I look at the States screen, I can see states on VPN_US with the IP when it is not supposed to go on this interface (on the outbound NAT the VPN_US and VPN_FR include full 10.72.10/24 range)
    • If I go to the firewall screen and check the rule (unique rule going through VPN_US) I only get lines including IP address. As they don't come from this rule how can I get those VPN_US lines including Is there a way to analyse this?
    • If I have the VPN_FR up Netflix doesn't seems to detect I have a proxy running on the computer for rest of the traffic. It works but that's not the Netflix from my country as I can't find the series I'm looking in Mexico.
    • If I disconnect VPN_FR, Nextflix detects a Proxy and refuses to play my series. If I look at my geolocation, I get Atlanta in US so some traffic is going through VPN_US when it is not supposed to be.

    Is it possible to do what I am trying to achieve?

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