• Hello

    Have anyone tried to vMotion production pfSense?
    I know it is a stupid question but I need to know what could go wrong if vMotion pfSense with both Computer resources and storage.

    Thank you

  • Yes.

    What could go wrong? Worst case is your entire vm is trashed. Reinstall from scratch, restore your config.xml file and you're up & running in 10 minutes.

    You DO have a backup of your config, right?

  • @kom :) I always do, but what I was asking is because my setup have lots of VLANs and when you move the OS from one MAC address to an other will that effect the interfaces added on the pfSense some how?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If your virtual environment is set up correctly, pfSense is just another VM. Vmotioning a VM from one host to another should not change the MAC addresses. This is really a VMware question, not a pfSense question.

  • Like Derelict said, MAC address should not change during vMotion. Are you assuming that this happens or did you see it happen, because that would be highly unusual.