RoadWarrior on a LoadBalance OVPN Network

  • Hi.
    teachers, I have a network with MultiWAN for a OVPN setup LoadBalance.
    Shared Key between 2 sites.
    3 WAN's
    ovpn-server1 wan1
    ovpn-server2 wan2
    ovpn-server3 wan3

    This are LoadBalance(ovpn interfaces) in round robin mode, is working.

    Site-B Client.
    3 WAN's
    ovpn-client1 wan1 ==> ovpn server1
    ovpn-client2 wan2 ==> ovpn server2
    ovpn-client3 wan3 ==> ovpn server3

    The same, LoadBalance to the Site-A LAN's.

    I want to add a RoadWarrior to the server side, once we create the tunnel, we want those mobile clients reach Site-B network from Site-A, we just add the network of the RoadWarrior(example on each ovpn client setup in the Site-B ovpn setup(push route)?

    Or how can make this possible?


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You should be able to add the load balance gateway to the OpenVPN rules and policy route the traffic from the remote access clients to the load balance gateway group just like you would for traffic originating from the LAN.

  • I will follow the instructions and let u know, thanks for your help.