PfSense open VPN works on Mac clients but not on Windows 10 clients.

  • Hello,

    I have open VPN Set up on my PFsense Firewall and used client export to download the Viscosity inline config.
    Everything works great in all the Mac clients running Viscosity VPN. authentication against the LDAP, ping, DNS resolution etc. They can access the internal network, work on our SMB shares with no issues.

    Our Windows 10 clients using Viscosity VPN are able to authenticate. But when connected, they can't access our SMB shares and ping (to an internal IP address) or DNS resolution doesn't work as well.

    Any ideas??

  • Provide the output of ROUTE PRINT after you are connected to VPN. Also provide the logs of the client VPN regarding the initialization of the connection.

  • Hi,

    I resolved the issue.
    typo on my push route instead of a


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    There is usually no reason to use push route commands any more.

    Put the network in the Local Networks field instead.

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