Can same private public key be used for all captive portal zones

  • Hi
    I have created 4 vlans on lan side of my pfsense.
    I have used same private and public key pair for three zones.

    Rolls are generated for each zones and all vouchers of their respective zones work fine.
    But I m having two issues.

    1: if I use same voucher on one pc and the connect another station with same voucher then both systems are connected at same time and both use same voucher and browsing is working. I want only one voucher per device.

    2: if I disconnect any of the user then they aren't prompted for voucher code the cp page is not displayed. The dns resolution is working at that time. And ping to the default gate way which happens to be the pfsense interface works. And even typing any IP In url filed in browsers on that system doesn't produces the login page.

    Is it due to the use of same private public key pair?

    And why doesn't the page doesn't reapers if a user is disconnected using pfsense captive portal login page.


  • Hi,

    1. Check :


    1. The device (PC) is still connected to the network. But all traffic will hit the firewall, and no pass rules present any more.
      A login page will appear if that device (PC) throws out a using a browser.
      It's perfectly normal that that device (PC) can ping the IP of pfSense and DNS works, otherwise the captive portal would never show up.

    Btw : the "private public key " is just a way to generate the Voucher codes so that people can't fabric their own codes, nothing more.
    What also would make showing up the captive portal : shut down the network connection like pulling out the cable or shutting down the wifi. Wait a couple of seconds, and activate again. The OS-magic will make a hidden test-http request for you, and the portal login page shows up again.

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