No log entries for Openntpd

  • Small issue: based on other experience with Openntpd, I would expect something in the log under "System Logs">

    Never seen anything there and there is no web interface visible way of enabling logging.

    Latest 1.2.3 prerelease and all 1.2.1 and 1.2.2


  • My logs come and go, I had it logging firewall stuff (deny wireless users access to firewall config page-it blocks, but no logging -yes I double checked that I had it enabled)
    Yet before I did a reboot It looged fine so it seems that its a hit and miss for me.

    pfSense is a great project and I love it. thank you all for the free program and support (especcially the programmers and debuggers- i know what a pain it can be)

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