LAN keeps dropping connection WAN stays up. Only rebooting fixes

  • Hello,
    I am running pfSense in a VM on-top of unRAID with virtual bridged networking adapters. My physical NIC is a Intel X540-T2 10GbE which has two RJ-45 ethernet ports. Left-most port for WAN and other (right port) for LAN. My configuration is a bit tricky because my CPU does not support PCI passthrough to a VM. So I'm bridging a physical network adapter to a virtual one (not sure if that's what is causing the issue).

    When the connection (LAN) drops I can not http or ping (pfsense) nor or any other public DNS or IP. However from the VM (pfsense) I can successfully ping any external IP and domain name.

    I am going to attach pictures to help you understand my setup.






    Edit: Added the following two lines for simplification.
    Intel WAN (left port) A0:36:9F:XX:XX:78 @ eth2 ---> vnet1 ---> br2 52:54:00:XX:XX:48 --> em2
    Intel LAN (right port) A0:36:9F:XX:XX:7A @ eth4 ---> vnet2 ---> br4 52:54:00:XX:XX:12 --> em1

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Ok, So I've changed motherboards and CPU (one that allows PCI passthrough for intel NIC) and problem has been resolved.
    UnRAID's VirtIO bridge seems to be unstable with pfsense (at least in my previous configuration) or a hardware related issue with previous config.

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