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  • Hi Guys,
    I recently upgraded my firewall's physical hardware (i5, 12GB ram) which is way more overkill then I need for my 80/15 (Plusnet VDSL) internet link (I do have some VLANS for lab / dmz stuff) so I was planning on virtualising it to enable me to use some of that power for other things.
    I'm mostly familiar with Proxmox as my hypervisor of choice for my use but we use Vsphere at work .
    So this is where is it gets a bit weird, after loading the firewall onto proxmox and importing the config from the physical (changing the interface names, keeping the WAN port dedicated to just the pfsense guest) PPPoE breaks, I get a random RFC1918 address and not my public address and have no access to the external network, almost as if openreach is connecting me to the test platform and not forwarding my session to the plusnet network.

    Given this is host 1 do you think I should migrate to another hypervisor (what's best these days) or try and debug Proxmox and if the latter does anyone have any ideas what broke PPPoE (the only thing I can come up with is that radius is trying to auth the guest fake MAC but seeing the intel cards real MAC facing the network, trying to get pfsense to spoof the MAC just breaks everything horribly though)


  • I'm running pfSense on KVM, which Proxmox is based on, also with PPPoE WAN connection to the ISP. That works perfectly.
    On the Linux host (kernel 4.4.155) there is a WAN bridge configured with two members: the physical interface and the virtual of the pfSense VM. The physical interface is connected to the ISP modem. There is also assigned a second interface with an RFC 1918 address to the WAN port for modem management.

    Do your logs tell you something about the issue?

  • @viragomann - Thanks! No, unfortunatly right now I'm not getting anything really helpful on either the proxmox logs or the pfsense syslogs.
    Are you using one of the BT Huawei modems (assuming you are in the UK here mind)?
    I'm in the office right now so I can't confirm logical set up but yes, I have Modem >> Dedicated Intel NIC (I think it's a pro desktop or could be low end single port server model, I can't remember)
    I have a separate card for LAN which is basically shared bridge for VMS and I use the mobo onboard as the hypervisor management interface.

  • If the PPPoE connection break pfSense will write some entries into the system log. So maybe you can find there hints for the reason.

    My modem is a Technicolor TG588v and establishes a VDSL2 connection to the ISP.

    Have you set weird MTU or MSS on the interface?

  • Got it fixed last night with a bit of fiddling around with open vswitch, it really did seem to be how openreach forward the service to plusnet.

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