2 different lan via one router and 2 different vpn out on one WAN

  • Hi,

    I have a pfsens router with Openvpn installed.
    I would like to have more then one Openvpn klient, one for each LAN.
    Example all traffic from one LAN always using nordvpn and all traffic from the other is using expressvpn, but they will share WAN connection.

    Is this possible and how shall it be configured?

  • In the OpenVPN client settings check "Don't pull routes" to avoid to get pushed the default route by the VPN servers.

    Assign interfaces to each client instance and enable the interfaces.

    Edit the firewall rules on your LANs which are allowing the upstream traffic, expand the advanced options, go down to Gateway and select the appropriate gateway.

    In System > Advanced > Miscellaneous check "Skip rules when gateway is down".

    Consider that firewall rules with stated gateway allow traffic passing that gateway solely. So you will need separate rule to permit internal access it you need, for instance DNS to the pfSense interface.

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