Filtering on wrong bridge interface

  • (This is a - somewhat modified - cross-post from Reddit)

    With this transparent firewall setup -

    • pfSense 2.4.3 guest
    • Windows 10/VirtualBox 5.2.18 host
    • Windows hardware NIC configured:
      • NDIS has IPv4+6 disabled, and all other drivers disabled except for vbox bridge driver
      • Vbox - bridge mode, promiscuous, virtio paravirtualization
      • pfSense - vtnet0 assigned to WAN, DHCP client
      • fw rules - none (block almost everything) - except a weird rule to allow web configurator
    • Windows virtual host-only interface configured:
      • NDIS has IPv4+6 enabled, set to DHCP client
      • Vbox - host-only mode, promiscuous, virtio paravirtualization
      • pfSense - vtnet1 assigned to LAN, no IP
      • fw rules - allow from all to everywhere
    • pfSense bridge:
      • members WAN and LAN, assigned interface LANBR, no IP
      • left at default 0
      • rules: none (no filtering on this interface)
    • No DHCP server in pfSense

    This works (mostly). But there's a strange problem. pfSense's firewall is convinced that traffic to the web configurator running on the WAN IP is coming from the WAN IF, when it isn't - it's coming from the LAN IF. The behaviour isn't consistent between rules - the 'allow all from LAN' rule shows the traffic that I expect.

    Even tcpdump shows that the traffic is going where it should: using tcpdump -e -n -t -i vtnet1 shows all of the web requests on the LAN port, not the WAN port.

    The LAN anti-lockout rule shows 0B (no traffic). When I add a floating rule to accept traffic from any interface to the WAN IP on :443, it always shows the source IF as being WAN in the logs.

    What gives, here? Do I need to set a sticky option in the bridge settings, or something? Should I try moving the assigned IP from the WAN interface to the bridge interface? If I do that I'll probably need to change the pfil_bridge tweakable, which I'd like to avoid.

  • It may or may not be related, but I'm seeing warnings about a firewall syntax error:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:128: syntax error - The line in question reads [128]: pass in quick on $LAN inet from any to ! tracker 0100000101 keep state label "USER_RULE: Allow LAN to any except FW"

  • So, the "Allow LAN to any except FW" rule had been configured to allow from LAN to any IP except the WAN IP, because the traffic wasn't going there anyway; this rule was apparently broken per message above. Another rule existed on the WAN allowing traffic to the WAN IP on :443. Also, the anti-lockout rule was enabled.

    I then did the following:

    • Simplified the LAN rule to allow to anywhere
    • Disabled the anti-lockout rule

    Things started working as expected, temporarily, but then reverted to the old behaviour of choosing the wrong IF to filter on. So I'm still stumped.

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