Modding PFS

  • I havent really used freebsd that much, but i think what would be beneficial to pfsense is a modding section: from a minimal fw/router/security distro to a modded Asterisk/freenas/mediastreaming/etc distro.

    Don't get me wrong i understand security principals of least services to have least security holes to attack - but setting up default wan-side blocking of all services while adding new packages could work.

    Having a modding section where people have more freedom what they can intergrate into their pfs, can stimulate more activity from the community, more peeps > more attention > better free support > more guides and tuts will be written by users > you may even get some developers out of this.

  • I support this too, would be nice to have a section for hacks/howto's that users themselves could post for the community.


  • There's a lot of information on how to add FreeBSD packages of your own choice in the packages forum.

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