Snort IDS/IPS Security Policy is blocking Snapchat running on Apple phone?

  • Any idea why SnapChat is being blocked? I could whitelist the domain but I dont want to open any holes in FW and potentially defeat the purpose of runing FW or Snort. Any best practices in trouble shooting. Or identifying the rules that are blocking Snapchat. I could try going to a Balanced Policy or Connectivity Policy I am also running OPENAPPI and ET Open Rules on both my WAN/LAN interfaces. DNS over TLS is also enabled. Dont know if it is just a DNS thing or NOT.

    Anyway, just looking for experciend suggestions on why a domain might be getting blocked?

    Regarding DNS I am running pfsense DNS resolver local domain and DNS to Cloudflare, and entries for quad9 too

  • Netgate Administrator

    You should start by using the Connectivity Policy IMO. You imply you're using some policy other than Connectivity or Balanced which means you will see false positives and will need to whitelist those or remove the rules that are being triggered.


  • At least, enable signature logging in Snort. Then, you'll see what blocking signatures (if any) are being blocked and could ignore/suppress those.