Unable to access site-to-site

  • Hey,

    I am working on configuring a remote setup where I have one LAN subnet ( and I am connecting into the server using OpenVPN (

    I have a site-to-site IPSec tunnel configured where the remote site is

    When connected into OpenVPN, I am able to access the subnet, but I am unable to communicate with the subnet that is over the site-to-site.

    I see nothing in the firewalls to say it's blocking and I'm not seeing anything in the packet capture.

    I have completely opened the firewall for now and even added extra rules for the OpenVPN network.

    Few things that are enabled on OpenVPN server config:
    Inter-client communication
    IPv4 Local network (,
    Even attempted routing all traffic to the OpenVPN server to test.
    Device mode (TUN)

    Can anyone suggest anything to try? I'm not seeing any packets even attempt to reach the remote subnet at the moment.

    I have added a second phase 2, just for the OpenVPN network. But I have done this previously and have not needed to do this so unsure why it's different this time.


  • Yeah, you need an additional phase 2 for the routing between the remote network and the OpenVPN tunnel subnet.
    So the phase 2 has to be added on both site of the IPSec tunnel, of course.

    In the OpenVPN server settings add the remote network to the "IPv4 Local network/s".

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