OpenVPN Gateway Offline but PIA working

  • pfSense 2.4.3_1. New setup. Loaded OpenVPN client to connect to PIA server. VPN is UP. whatsmyip shows the PIA server IP (I changed country servers and IP first octet changes). However, when I view Status/Gateways, it shows my WAN gateway as online but my PIA_VPN as offline.

    I'm trying to follow a thread on adding selective routing but this status has me stumped. Followed all pfsense online help settings and all appear correct. Restarted VPN and rebooted pfsense - no change. I AM A NOOBIE, but am not sure if this status is misleading or accurate as I can ping and from client on LAN as well as browse to google and to various whatsmyip sites. Interesting I couldn't get to this forum from the VPN!

    Any help much appreciated!

  • Banned

  • Thanks for sharing gateway settings