VPN between Sites

  • Hey guys, quick question.

    i have a pfsense setup that is running an Openvpn server, everything works fine. My parents have an Asus router with PPTP VPN (i think).

    What I want to do is connect from my house, to their house and backup my Unraid server to my Freenas server at their place. I will figure out the backup stuff, just wondering if our two networks will be able to communicate together or will I have to get a new router for them?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Presumed your OpenVPN server use TLS authentication, setup an OpenVPN client on the FreeNAS and let it connect to your server.

    On your OpenVPN server configure a client specific override for the client to assign a static virtual IP to it.

  • so I would remote into their place to initiate a connection back to my place?

  • The OpenVPN client should keep the connection up all the time and you can use it for the backup.

    If the Asus router has a static public IP or can update dynDNS, you can also setup an OpenVPN server on the FreeNAS, forward the vpn packets to it on the Asus router and running a client on your site. So you can establish the connection only if you need it.

  • ok thanks Viragomann, will have to give that some thought. I want it to be seamless for my folks and not affect their internet at all. I didn't really think about being connected continuously. I thought i would quickly connect, backup any files that have changed on my end to their end, then disconnect.

    it would be nice if it could all be done automatically.

  • would it work the other way? use the VPN server I already have on my pfsense. load an openVPN client on their side. connect to my network, then transfer files from my house to theirs?

  • I already mentioned that option.
    Drawback of this is, the client establishes the connection, so if the client is on the other site you cannot control it. The client must be configured to connect automatically, so it will be connected all the time as long as the server is reachable.

  • ok thanks man, appreciate it.

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