OVPN Server in a Linux Cloud Server 1 Public IP.

  • Hi Guys.

    Need your advised, I'm a little confuse.

    I have a Linux Box at the cloud, just 1 interface with a public IP, this is my ovpn server(PKI), this server have 2 services that need to access by our networks behind 2 pfsense that will be ovpn clients to this box.

    In my ovpn server(cloud) I put in the local network, my cloud server ip/32?

    The remote networks will be my pfsense networks no issue.

    My doubt is related to my clients, went they want to reach my cloud server, they have to put the public ip, how to manage to get over thet vpn insted our public wan? with firewall rules? is my big doubt.

    Any help I will appreciated, thanks.

  • Doubt fix, I just use the tunnel created, thanks.

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