Remote Access to Web Gui

  • I tried searching so be nice, please.

    I have three wan area network.

    I would like to be able to access the web gui from one of them.
    Lets use wan 1 ( for this discussion. I have set the web gui to listen
    on port 11080 just for a little more security. I want to be able to type
    the ip address of wan1 and port into a web browser and access my web interface.
    such as I tried adding a rule to wan1 that said to pass
    any source on port 11080 to ip address port 11080 use wan 1
    that didnt work. I also tried setting up a nat rule to forward any traffic from wan 1
    on port 11080 to This worked to access the gui for a few seconds. I was
    promoted for a password, then able to access the dashboard. But if I tried to
    access any other pages the system failed.

    Any idea or can you point me to a guide?

    Sorry to ask this again, but search wasnt showing any results

  • change wan1 address

  • oh, that was easy


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