Slow accesing web app

  • Hello

    I have a pfSense on a cloud provider protecting a server which is behind it. The pfSense runs on a VM. The server run a web app on port 18001. Problem is that if I connect through the VPN using the openVPN client, then the web app takes a hell of time to load. But if I connect from the local LAN then it runs fine. That's why I think it's related to my openVPN settings, which are the ones left by default.
    When connected on the VPN, ping times are ok. SSH works fine and also other services running on that server and other servers. It's only this one that runs on that port that too slow.
    To be honest, I don't know where to look at, there's no rule allowing a specific range of ports or something like that. Any hint on where to look would be highly appreciated


  • Small update. I have created an OpenPVN site-to-site tunnel and happens the same issue.
    I have also created a quick IIS website, and HTTP on port 80 works ok.

  • I talked with the cloud provider and we used their VPN solution (I think it's Fortinet based) and everything went ok in all cases, including tan IPSEC tunnel between another pfSense and the provider endpoint. Any idea on where to check?

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