pfBlockerNG - Devel question/Feedback

  • I just installed pfBlocker-Devel...


    1. I thought this a good opportunity to start fresh and did not check "Keep Settings". I tried a few times but my setting kept being saved?? I had to do a few reboots in order to eventually remove my prior setting...
    2. I eventually was able to start fresh and the install worked well
    3. love the automatic feeds...with the old version I always worried I typed a wrong URL and was downloading a malicious list. Love the built in lists!
    4. While the built in lists are great, I am a little overwhelmed with the sheer number of lists. The lists are ordered in alphabetical order, is there a way to rank them on # of users? BBCAN I suspect your incredable experience has already vetted them but I have limited resources (RAM) and I am not sure how to prioritize.

    4) Which lists are "must haves" to block malicious sites, fake DNS responses, phishing sites, best ad blocker lists? My goal is more to prevent bad sites vs limiting what users can do.

    BBCAN thank you for what you do!

  • Until BBcan177 can reply I will tell you my lists as a starting point. I would recommend the top two if your system can handle it. What is your hardware setup?

    • Malicious (disable "Malekal_Hosts" as it's a paid service)
    • hpHosts
    • Cryptojackers

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