Openvpn TAP. Can Access everything but not pfsense GUI! (Solved)

  • (Solved) Please note I switched to TUN as advised by experts in the forum

    I have a weird problem:

    I have setup openvpn in TAP mode (I can explain why I switched from tun to tap if need be)

    • Openvpn client connects successfully

    • I get IP from DHCP pool as defined in openvpn settings

    • Can access everything on LAN.

    • Can ping pfsense LAN IP Address

    • Cannot Access pfsense GUI via SSH or Web browser!

    • Gave allow all rules on ALL interfaces to rule out firewall blocking but to no success.

    Am I missing something?
    No obvious errors in openvpn logs

  • I have 3 OpenVPN servers configured on my router: Pass-through only, Routed, and Bridged. Bridged is TAP, the others TUN. All can be active simultaneously, if desired. Both Bridged and Routed can access the home network via Windows.

    I also noticed a long time ago that Bridged will not connect to the network via a browser very well. I dimly remember using remote desktop via Bridged to connect to a home PC and then using it to connect to the network. Remote desktop works fine using Bridged. Weird, I agree. Routed works perfectly well in the connection department so I use it more often.

    Pass-through is used for secure public wifi only and has no network access by design. It also uses a password file for easy login since it has no network access. (different passwords, of course plus user must match certificate name)

  • I fail to understand what any of what you said has relevance to the problem I mentioned above

  • Am I missing something?
    No obvious errors in openvpn logs

    1. Sorry for trying to help. I won't make that mistake again. Sometimes you have to think a little and not be gifted with something.
    2. Yes, you are missing something.
    3. Best wishes.
    4. I don't have your problems. OpenVPN works for me.
    5. Read my reply again. TAP might not work as you want.

  • My apologies. I genuinely did not understand your post. what I meant to say in the original post was is there somewhere you could point me?

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    What network are you coming from when you attached to this TAP? /22 is pretty freaking large lan.. So you something close to 1k devices on this lan of yours? If your trying to connect from any network that overlaps that /22 your going to have issues.

    Could you access web gui when you were running tun?

    I would love to hear why you switch from tun to tap - because for the life of me I can not see a actual valid use case for it ;) Love to hear why you feel you need to use it vs just routing via a tun.

    If you can access the lan thre is nothing saying you could not access the web gui - you actually sure the IP your using to ping for your pfsense web gui is actually pfsense and not some other device?

  • Hello,

    1. My local lan (laptop / pc) is
    2. I was able to access the pfsense GUI when I was using TUN
    3. I loved tun, didnt wanna switch, but here is why:

    The main network is connected to several other networks via MPLS.
    I wanted to be able to access those MPLS networks that are accessible from the LAN.
    I simply push those remote MPLS networks in the openvpn advanced configuration and so I can access them through vpn.
    With TUN, I would have had to add routes in those mpls routers (And tell the dumb ISPs to publish those routes)

    I can access the LAN, all of the remote MPLS networks, but I just cannot access the pfsense GUI.

    Edit: And yes sir, I am sure that the IP address is infact of pfsense GUI. It works when someone accesses it sitting physically inside the lan.

    The weird part is I can even ping the pfsense IP!

    You are correct when you say "If you can access the lan thre is nothing saying you could not access the web gui"

    Hence I say "weird problem"

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    @namek said in Openvpn TAP. Can Access everything but not pfsense GUI!:

    The main network is connected to several other networks via MPLS.
    I wanted to be able to access those MPLS networks that are accessible from the LAN.

    How is that exactly? Your saying there is some other router on this 192.168/22 lan that connects. Or there is a connection hanging off the pfsense that is connected via mpls..

    Why would you need to run tap for this? If your upstream/downstream networks know how to get to 192.168/22 then just source NAT your vpn clients connecting into pfsense so they look like 192.168/22

    There is no reason to try and bridge your vpn clients into this 192.168/22

  • The other router is in the LAN (same as pfsense)

    so its like this:

    Internet -> Pfsense -> Switch -> MPLS router - Connects to many other networks.

    When you say "source NAT your vpn clients connecting into pfsense "
    Are you talking about using outbound nat?

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    That screams asymmetrical to me... So these lan devices on your 192.168/22 all hav routes pointing to this mpls gateway?

    lets say there is some remote network 10.0.0/24 via the mpls... Your saying your client at sends its traffic to pfsense at say and pfsense sends it to the mpls router at for example?

    Or does the client on have a route on it say hey to get to 10.0.0/24 talk to

    Yes it would be a simple outbound nat but vs doing it on your wan, you would do it on your pfsense interface connected to this 192.168/22 network.

  • The clients in the physical LAN have routes added in them locally to access the remote networks to prevent asymmetric routing.

    So its like you said : "client on have a route on it say hey to get to 10.0.0/24 talk to"

    I will abandon this Bridge nonsense and go back to TUN, and try the outbound NAT that you suggested

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    Why don't you just connect the mpls to pfsense so you don't have to worry about host routing?

  • That is a very good question.
    The network was always like that. I recently took over and replaced a fortinet gateway with pfsense.

    If I want to connect the MPLS Router directly to pfsense, how might I go about that?
    I get that I'll just add another interface, but what would be the subnet / IP for this interface (that connects directly to the MPLS router)

    I also assume that I will still have to do the outbound NAT configuration even if the above is achieved.

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    Do you not have access or the ability to add routes to the mpls router? You would connect it to pfsense via a transit network.

  • I do, However, adding the routes on my end is not enough. We have to go through a long procedure to notify the ISP.
    (I am guessing there are intermediate routers that they need to publish the routes to)

    But thanks a LOT for your help. I will get rid of TAP and go about the routing method.

  • Hello John,

    Your suggestion for using outbound NAT works!
    TUN works fine and I can access the MPLS networks without touching the MPLS router on any end!

    Thanks a LOT! Appreciate your help.
    P.S (how do I mark this thread as solved?)

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    Just edit the subject of the thread and put in solved at the beginning {solved]

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