pfBlockerNG - Devel Feedback/Question - IPv4 lists no showing(yet blocks are happening)

  • Recently upgraded pfSense and pfBlockerNG to -devel version.


    1. Right after downloading 2.2.5_15 I had to download a new version 2.2.5_16. Maybe it was my timing but this seemed strange?

    2. I added a few IPv4 lists using Firewall->pfBlockerNG->Feeds when I go to Firewall->pfBlockerNG->IP->IPv4 I don't see the feeds? I do see the DNSBL lists when I go to Firewall->pfBlockerNG->DNSBL->DNSBL Feeds which I can edit, delete, add etc...but I can't do this with my IPv4 feeds as I cannot see them? I tested a few IP addresses to see if they are being blocked and they are, just can't edit them.

    I originally selected too many feeds when I first set this up and had to deinstall in order to shrink the feeds.

    Suggestions? Thanks to all...

  • Try add one manually. This made them show up for me, then I deleted the manual one.

  • I have the same issue. Adding one manually did not correct the issue. The IPV6 section has the same error.

    Basically any IPV4 or IPV6 feed added using the availale feeds list don't show but so function. If I add any list manually to the IPV4 or IPV6 section it will show.

  • Moderator

    With all the changes in PHP7, a commit was added to the installer code that created some empty XML tags.


    This will be fixed in the next version which should be out soon. However, you can follow these steps below to fix this issue now:

    First make a backup of the config.xml from the:

    pfSense Diagnostics > Backup & Restore Tab:

    Then paste the following PHP code which will cleanup the empty XML tags into:

    pfSense > Diagnostics > Command Prompt > Execute PHP Commands:

    $upgrade_type = array('pfblockernglistsv4', 'pfblockernglistsv6', 'pfblockerngdnsblsettings', 'pfblockerngafrica', 
    'pfblockerngantarctica', 'pfblockerngasia', 'pfblockerngeurope', 'pfblockerngnorthamerica', 'pfblockerngoceania', 'pfblockerngsouthamerica', 'pfblockerngtopspammers', 'pfblockerngproxyandsatellite');
    foreach ($upgrade_type as $type) {
            if (is_array($config['installedpackages'][$type]['config'])) {
                    if (empty($config['installedpackages'][$type]['config'][0])) {
                            print "\n| Removed | {$type} | Empty XML Tag";
    write_config('pfBlockerNG - Fix empty XML tags');

    Then hit the Execute button for the code to run.

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