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  • Hello friends,

    I have pfsense 2.4.4. Normaly I'm using vLan for internal networks, in this case I got a Public IP Block from my provider (OVH) for some servers. When I configure my VLAN tag and Interface with IP information I use all information provided by my ISP, and with my experience with my privdate network vlans is pretty much the same beside of the use of a gateway that has to be set for this ipblock. The server inside of the VLAN can not reach the internet. But if I try to ping from outside I can see it is blocking the request coming from internet, but instead of showing the interface VLAN name(VPS01), it is showing the physical interfaces name(vnet6).

    I know I could just park the Public IP's in my pfsense firewall and NAT to an internal address, but for what I want to do it is necessary to provide Public ip directly to the server.

    There is an idea why it is happening?

    thanks in advance

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    OVH would need to route those addresses to you instead of putting them on WAN.

    I don't think they do that so you might need to host somewhere else.

    Otherwise you need a messy solution like a bridge.

    1:1 NAT is your best bet there.

  • Hi Derelict,

    I have my infrastructure running on OVH, then I need to adapt to their environment. Also because of the nature of the service I want to provide I can not use 1:1 NAT. Then how this bridge messy solution looks like?

    Thanks for all,

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    I, personally, would never host at OVH. Good luck.

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    @alebeta said in Public IP Block VLAN - OVH:

    then I need to adapt to their environment

    Not when it doesn't work for what you want.. Host your services elsewhere if they will not actually route your IP space to you.

    nature of the service I want to provide I can not use 1:1 NAT.

    How is that?

  • @johnpoz

    I have an automatic deployment system for my Cloud computing infrastructure and VPS. Then the system has a IP pool, this IP pool had been configured before in the pfSense, usually it is a VLAN. With private subnet I can easily create the VLAN of course and the ip allocation works really good. The problem is with Public IP, because my system that perform the automatic deployment was not made to go to the pfSense and perform an NAT 1:1, this is why I need the VLAN to be configure with the Public subnet. In the other hand I can not just create a new interface in pfsense and add there the public IP subnet, because since it is outside of a vlan, the clients using this subnet and interface will be able to see all traffic going through this interface and it does not looks good for anyone.

    Do you have any suggestion? beside of moving out of OVH :D

    thanks and all the best

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