NxFilter как комплексная альтернатива pfblocker

  • https://nxfilter.org/p3/ , demo http://demo.nxfilter.org:2080/admin

    NxFilter is a freeware web-filter designed for monitoring and filtering Internet activity within an enterprise environment.

    You will also be able to protect your users from malware and botnets while enjoying many useful features like; local DNS cache to accelerate Internet speed, load-balancing and fail-safe with clustering, Active Directory integration support, user or group based policy assignment, remote user filtering, bandwidth control, phishing protection, malware and botnet detection, and time quota.

    Other NxFilter features include:

    Application control
    Safe-search enforcing
    Dual policy for work-time and free-time
    4 types of user authentication
    IP based authentication
    Password based authentication
    LDAP authentication
    Single sign-on with Active Directory
    Blocking by domain category
    Unlimited custom categories
    Built-in GUI
    Dashboard and reporting
    Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux
    Whitelist and Blacklist based on domain matching and keyword searching
    DNS query log search with various conditions
    Internationalized domain name support
    Email alert
    Syslog exportation

  • русский то будет? )))

  • Доброго.

    О прикручивании к пф разговора не было. Речь об отдельном интересном решении. Информация дана для размышления.

    Нет. Учите язык потенциального противника. Пригодится.

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