Can't Access 3rd NIC

  • My setup is quite simple, from the ISP



    On the Pfsense I have a 3rd NIC that I intend to connect to and AP for my wireless side and enable captive portal on this card

    But somehow I cannot access this card. Tested and the NIC os working fine. So it just has to do with my firewall rule and NAT settings.
    see what I have done

    Please kindly assist me with what to do. The 3rd card is optwifi

  • How are you trying to access it?

    Have you allowed any connections from WAN or LAN to your OPT1?

  • I would agree with focalguy, the rules you've showed look good as far as accessing the WAN and LAN from your OPT1wifi,
    but you will want to put some rules in the LAN section if you want to access OPT1wifi from your LAN.

    If that isn't your ultimate plan you could test that you can 'see' it from the pfSense by using ping under the Diagnostics tab, and ping the opt1 IP or AP connected to OPT1.

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