Cannot add view under Status->Monitoring

  • I am unable to add a view under Status->Monitoring. I click the wrench symbol, then "Display Advanced" and "Add View". After I add a title, e.g., "Traffic", I get the notification that the view has been added but the tab is not there. Screen shot attached. Advice appreciated. Thank you.

  • I was able to fix this myself by editing the config.xml. In the <rrd> section, there was an entry "<savedviews>A</savedviews>" that must have been left over from when I originally created and then deleted a test view. After deleting the line above and rebooting the firewall, adding new view works again. So there is somewhere a bug here but I did not test this to the point where I have instructions for replicating the issue.

  • I can attest to this behaviour. There's a bug in the monitoring page where it can get into this state where no new views can be added, claiming to succeed but failing silently.

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