Philips Hue doesn't work sometimes

  • Hi!

    I use pfSense 2.4.4 and the newest Philips Hue Bridge with some lamps. OF course I don't want to let the bridge connect to my LAN network so the Bridge is in its own network (SMARTHOME). Because of that I use Avahi with standard config for mDNS. After setting it up everything works fine. But sometimes I can't connect from my LAN devices to the bridge by Hue App. Also routines setup for a specific time doesn't work. I realize that the bridge always connects to a NTP server from google with success. Is it possible that she misses the time?

    I dont see anything wrong here, but maybe I'm blind. Anyone with the same issues?

    This is the firewall log:

    alt text

    The SMARTHOME network rules for the bridge:

    alt text

    And my LAN rules:

    alt text

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