All traffic routed through VPN - Rule ignored

  • Please see the diagram:

    On router B I am running an OpenVPN client, which is working.
    The idea is that all traffic from the network is routed through the VPN, EXCEPT
    for one host residing on a network from router A. So router B has a static route to the network. and on the LAN interface (192 net), there is a rule (policy based routing) sending all traffic over the static route.

    The client can now only communicate over the VPN and can no longer reach the host in the network.
    When I ping from the client, I get a response from the VPN gateway, and not for the LAN gateway.

    Please see the relevant config:
    3_1538470356611_1.png 2_1538470356610_2.png 1_1538470356610_3.png 0_1538470356610_4.png

  • Consider that there is also a static route for needed on router A.
    However, the interface on B facing to router A a is a DHCP configured. It should have a static IP.

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