Issues with one OpenVPN server since upgrading to 2.4.4

  • I have two OpenVPN servers setup on my 2.4.4 box which were working fine prior to upgrading from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4. Now, one of the servers is still functioning without issue but the other will not allow anyone to connect to it. In the logs of my VPN client (Viscosity) it states that the TLS handshake times out.

    Both servers are setup identically and both have firewall rules that are also the same.

    In the pfSense logs both firewall and OpenVPN logs, I don't see any entries related to this connection or time out. Does anyone have any ideas where to look or what the issue may be?

    Also, I did a packet capture to see what the traffic looked like, this is what I have. Does this mean that it's being blocked by the firewall?

    14:14:09.386123 IP > 19x.xx.xx.35.1194: UDP, length 54
    14:14:11.430401 IP > 19x.xx.xx.35.1194: UDP, length 54
    14:14:15.487489 IP > 19x.xx.xx.35.1194: UDP, length 54
    14:14:23.189399 IP > 19x.xx.xx.35.1194: UDP, length 54

  • Estou tendo dois problemas após a atualização...
    Client não conseguem conexão OpenVpn usando pelo AD ou local
    E2Guardian não mais aparece instalado e não permite adicionar o repositório.

  • I was able to finally figure out my issue. While we have multiple public IP addresses, only one is dedicated to the VPN. While both servers were configured to the WAN interface, one was listening on the correct IP and one was not. After setting both servers to listen on the correct interface, it started working. Odd that it breaks now.

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