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    Help me, please!
    I have two networks with addresses (LAN int - re0) and On the cisco catalyst express 500 switch, I created vlan id4 and made an access port fa0/4 with vid 4. I have a computer on port fa0/4.

    On pfsense, I created vlan 4 and added it to the interface re0. This interface called OPT1 with the address Enabled DHCP on this interface. Computer connected to fa0/4 received dhcp address

    Now I need to do so that computers from the network can access the Internet.
    The computer does not ping the address, I create a rule in the firewall (screenshot opt4 to opt4) after this ping goes.
    There is no Internet. I try the rule opt4 to wan (screenshot opt4 to wan), but there is no Internet anyway. How to create a rule to get only the Internet on the network interface opt4?

    Scheme, screenshots of the rules and a screen log are attached.
    p.s. Sorry for my english!)
    0_1538574845911_how to do.jpeg
    0_1538574853653_rules opt4 to opt4.jpg
    0_1538574861058_rules opt4 to wan.jpg
    0_1538574868283_log firewall.jpg

  • You have to correct the destination in the rule to "any" to reach hosts on the internet.

    "OPT4 net" is only the network configured on OPT4 (, so can access the firewall, but that makes no sense at all. To allow only access to the firewall, set it to "This firewall". Other IPs out of won't touch the firewall.

    "WAN net" is the network configured on the WAN interface.

  • Now i understand.
    Thank you!

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