Bounty for wireless and wired hotspot authentification buil into captive portal

  • i would like exactly what i stated in the title. id rather throw my money at you than migrate from pfsense. its like a religion to me.

    i run hotspots around kampala uganda. i need captive portal to have a ticket generation feature. i issue codes and it authenticates. the rules must include options for time based rules,bandwidth consumtion rules,bandwidth allocation per user, etc

    top give you a better idea check out check out the feature in their hotspot. if you can give me the basic features to begin with that woudl be a start. if you think the other features are also doable. im in

    i can pay instant $500 usd for this project. if you feel it is not enough i am willing to increase or look for other donors. i want the development to be open to everyone. i just love this software its stable and im not gonna change over to crappy windows antamedia.

    reach me 00256 703248314 or email

    i need an allin one box solution i dont want to use another box.

    can you do it??? scott anyone?????????

  • Good morning, we build custom hardware appliances based on pfSense.  Please check your PM.

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