OpenVPN Not Allowing Some Traffic

  • Hello! I was here before asking how I can allow only servers to be ported through my VPN without redirect gateway.
    This was to allow friends to not expose their IP when hosting a game server and it seemed to work well for games like Minecraft, but I've noticed anything with SRCDS like Garry's Mod shoots out this error:

    alt text

    It works fine without the VPN and it also works 100% fine if I redirect gateway, but I only want to allow these servers to go through. I can add the -ip VPNIP variable to my start script for my servers to force traffic to go through my VPN manually.

    It seems like port 26901 isn't going through, I can ping from the VPN and to the end of the VPN just fine.
    alt text
    alt text

    alt text
    I know I'm not using an RFC1918 IP I will change once this gets fixed, I've just been focusing on trying to get SRCDS to go through. 😌

    What would be stopping traffic from going through? I thought I allowed all outbound, initially, I only allowed outbound from the VPN IPs but during troubleshooting I made everything be able to be passed trying to rule out a problem. Is there something else I'm doing wrong that would stop this from working?

    This is the first post when setting this up and it explains in better detail what this VPN is for if it helps:

    Edit: I changed the IP over to 192.168.5.x just to get that out of the way
    I've set my Firefox to force all traffic through the interface of the OpenVPN (OpenVPN doesn't redirect gateway) and no traffic passes through to it. I have an "Any Any" rule setup on my OpenVPN interface, is this an NAT Outbound problem?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Only traffic able to pass through it is ping, and that's from the road warrior to the gateway. Is there a way to allow any traffic to go through it without redirecting gateway? Just so I can selectively choose programs to go through?
    Thank you

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