Connections to game servers help

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  • I'm not clear on what your problem actually is. By default, all traffic on LAN is passed out WAN without any restrictions. Reply traffic is automatically allowed back in.

    What is the problem that you are trying to solve? When you say "improved connectivity" do you really mean QoS or traffic-shaping?

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  • @fern88 said in Connections to game servers help:

    I was wondering if there is a way and where to create firewall rules to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to and from game servers.

    Traffic from your console is already allowed out and reply traffic is allowed in, assuming you added a default allow all to any rule like LAN has. Unsolicited inbound traffic must be allowed via a NAT - port forward. YOu would only need to worry about this if you were hosting a game server on your LAN and wanted external players to be able to connect to your game server.

    My goal is to create better performance directly to the game servers to attempt better connectivity.

    If it's working, it's working. You won't get it any better except streamlining your QoS.

    For instance the recommended ports from the game and console websites have all been added to outbound nat rules. But I noticed through ntopng that I connect using different ports to the game's servers and thought instead of adding each individual port i could generally just add rules to allow all connections from the actual game servers to and from my wan and opt1(ps4).

    Source ports and dest ports are two different things entirely. When a game server says 'talk to me on port 3456", that doesn't mean that both client and server use 3456. The client (your PS4) chooses a random port >1024 <65535 and talks to 3456 on the server. I suspect you're creating unnecessary NAT rules and you're trying to fix an issue that doesn't really exist.

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