Proxy and DHCP on wifi interface not working

  • Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right area for those questions, but here I am.

    I'm trying to set wifi through my pfSense.

    I followed this tutorial and managed to make wifi work when setting static IP to my cellphone, but I can't make it get DHCP.
    When I try to connect without static IP, it just hangs there trying to get an IP address.

    About the proxy issue, I can access anything normally, but it's not being logged to E2Guardian.

    These are the rules I've set on WIFI interface:

    I have pfSense 2.4.3 with E2Guardian5.
    Although I have DHCP in my network, I've set all devices to their static arp entries, - including the one I'm trying to connect to pfSense (and it works normally when inside LAN, - PCs and cellphones).

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