cant access remote pfsense while connected to open vpn

  • hi I have a OpenVPN remote access setup on my sisters pfsense box
    her local network is and the vpn is

    so when I connect.. I then goto to access her pfsense and I get this error
    An HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System -> Advanced ( If not needed, this check can be disabled in System -> Advanced -> Admin.

    but when I go there on my pfsense box .. I not sure what I looking for to have her edit hers so I can have remote access

  • In a correct OpenVPN Setup you can access all devices with the 'real' IP address like and not your tunnel network addresses.


  • I tried but I guess I need to change a network as both mine and hers are as I made 2 computers with the same setup...
    and how comet the doesn't work...
    so I guess ill try changing my ip then to like as it keeps going to my router..

  • @Rico ok I got it to work.. I changed mine to and that didn't resolve it had to clear the cookies and cache on my computer and I was able to access her pfsense
    thank you … have a great day and happy thanks giving

  • oh and my other question
    I wanna be able to have 192.168.0.x or a specific IP computer to access the ip cameras on how would I set that up

    and then how you block guest network 192.168.30.x from accessing the Ip cameras or the local network.. what would be the block etc

  • Netgate

    Impossible to say without knowing where those are in relation to each other and where they are in relation to the connecting client.

  • I think his question is already answered here