Outbound NAT and Squid

  • I have many private networks that I need to NAT to different public IP addresses. NAT works fine when I use Outbound NAT in pfSense without Squid. However those Outbound NAT rules are not working after activating URL filtering using Squid and SquidGuard. All the traffic is leaving from the public IP address that I used for the pfSense to access internet.

    Is it possible to use Squid but still use different public IP addresses for private networks? And is it possible to configure it using pfSense GUI or should I modify Squid configuration files?

  • No this is not feasible because NAT is not aware of the source IP: HTTP requests are sent by the proxy itself (this is how proxy works)

  • Thanks for the response! So is there any way to do URL filtering in pfSense and then NAT traffic to multiple public IP addresses?

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